BOYKEE | Liam Domonkos


BOYKEE is a drug addict from the streets of Rotterdam. The story is fictional but the events portrayed are happening all the time in the city. In this film, Boykee manages to get himself into some serious trouble and he’s looking for a way out. Lea, a troubled young woman, might offer Boykee the escape he desires.

BOYKEE is a story of human needs and wants. While it deals with drug addiction, the story also focuses on human relationships; the need for interaction, recognition and intimacy.

BOYKEE is a gritty, street-wise examination of a world of drugs and addiction. Set on the rough streets of Rotterdam, it tells a harrowingly detailed and often heartbreaking account of Boykee’s life and struggles. The film concludes in a whirlwind of emotions, drugs and broken dreams in a landscape where desperate needs often cloud good judgment, and the power of friendship and love may not be as strong as the power of addiction.

Waar en wanneer

Datum: 1 mei t/m 10 december 2015
Locatie: verschillende locaties in Rotterdam

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